Types of Marine Sanitation Devices (MSDs)

As a boater, you must ensure the safe and environmentally friendly treatment and discharge of wastewater on your vessel. Marine Sanitation Devices (MSDs) serve this purpose, making them a crucial consideration for any recreational boater.

Discover the various types of MSDs available, each boasting unique features and benefits:

  1. Marine Toilets: Similar to household toilets, these toilets use a pump or macerator system to transfer waste into a holding tank or discharge it directly overboard.
  2. Holding Tanks: Made of high-density polyethylene, these tanks securely store waste from marine toilets until proper disposal.
  3. Type I MSDs: Installed on larger boats, these devices treat waste with a specialized system to meet strict discharge regulations.
  4. Type II MSDs: Ideal for smaller boats, these devices use a treatment system to remove contaminants from waste before discharge and require less maintenance.
  5. Chemical Toilets: Popular among boaters for their convenience, these toilets break down waste with a chemical treatment process.

When selecting an MSD, consider the size of your boat, the type of waste produced, and local regulations. Furthermore, factor in the ease of installation and maintenance, as well as cost.

By choosing a high-quality MSD, you play an active role in preserving the health and safety of the water and surrounding environment. Don’t compromise on this crucial component of a safe and enjoyable boating experience.